Our Partner Promise

Access4’s Recurring Revenue Assurance Program (RRAP)

Participation in the RRAP means Access4 will assure its Partners they can earn up to $50,000 in Annualised Recurring Revenue (ARR) or Access4 will credit the difference.

Key terms used in this document are as follows
'Annualised Recuring Revenue’ or ‘ARR’ means all fixed and variable recurring revenue generated by the Partners during the Assurance Period from its use of the products and services to which the Minimum Monthly Spend applies.
Assurance Amount’ means and amount of up to $50,000 (excl GST) which is comprised of up to 12 monthly sums of $4,166.66 each.
Assurance Period’ means, subject to meeting the eligibility criteria for participating in the RRAP, a period of 12 months starting 4 weeks (onboarding period) after first becoming eligible to participate in the RRAP.
Minimum Monthly Spend’ means all recurring fixed and variable charges for each month as set out in the Partner Agreement.

Participation in the RRAP is subject to the following Eligibility Terms and Conditions

1. Eligible Partners must:

a. sign and continue to be enrolled as a Gold tier Partner or above, with a Minimum Monthly Spend of no less than $5,000 (excl GST).
b. complete the Access4 Onboarding Program within 4 weeks of the date of their Partner Agreement.
c. sell their product and services at Access4’s RRP or less.
d. use Access4’s service for the internal communications platform unless otherwise contracted for the duration of the Assurance Period.
e. participate in monthly account reviews for the duration of the Assurance Period.
f. use deal registration for the duration of the Assurance Period for any sales opportunities with more than 5 subscriptions.
g. agree to a joint sales and marketing plan for the Partner’s products and services, including identifying opportunities and timelines to execute.
h. not breach their obligations under the Partner Agreement at any time.
i. Access4 and the Partner must complete the New Partner Program (NPP), which includes a white space and business review with the Partner Success Manager (PSM), within the 4-week onboarding period.

2. Access4 will review the Partner’s eligibility to participate in the RRAP upon completion of the NPP and reserves the right within its sole discretion and upon notice to the Partner to exclude the Partner from the RRAP. Where excluded from the RRAP, the Partner will be at liberty to either exit the Partner Program altogether or elect to continue with the Partner Agreement at the original contracted pricing terms and a lower agreed Minimum Monthly Spend.

3. The Partner must remain eligible to participate in the RRAP throughout the Assurance Period. The RRAP will cease to apply with effect from the earlier of:

a. the end of the month in respect of which the Partner is able to invoice in excess of $4,166.66
in recurring revenue, whereupon the Partner will be deemed to have achieved the assured
recurring revenue;
b. the date that the Partner ceases to be eligible to participate in the RRAP; or
c. the expiry of the Assurance Period.

In the event of termination of the RRAP:

d. Access4 will use reasonable endeavours to notify the Partner and will have no further
obligations to the Partner in respect of the RRAP, save in respect of its right to receive an
Assurance Credit which may have accrued as at the expiry of the Assurance Period; and
e. the remaining terms of the Partner Agreement will continue to apply.

Calculation of the Assurance Credit

4. For the purposes of calculating the Partner’s actual ARR, products and services will be deemed sold at Access4’s RRP and calculated from the wholesale invoice.

5. Actual ARR will be calculated on the last month of the Assurance Period. If the last month coincides with a seasonal period, Access4 reserves the right to apply the monthly equivalent of the last 3 months average monthly recurring revenue (MRR) in lieu.

6. Where the Partners actual ARR is less than the Assurance Amount, the difference will be applied as an ‘Assurance Credit’ against the Partner’s account with Access4 and used to offset any current and future invoices relating to the period after the Assurance Period.