Advantage Partner Program for MSP's

The Access4 Advantage Partner Program empowers Managed Service Providers of all sizes and Voice experience levels, to expand their integrated solutions and services within our award winning SaaS platform, SASBOSS™.

Our Advantage Partner Program provides all resources required to market, sell and close more deals quickly.

There are four main pillars to the Advantage Partner Program:

Attract - we help you to grow recurring revenue from Voice

Accelerate - we onboard with the necessary sales, technical and marketing support resources to enable you to sell and deliver, quickly 

Ascend - we support you to grow your recurring revenue and to exceed your revenue goals in the first 12 months of participating in the program

Aspire - we reward our partners and key performers as you progress in your Voice selling journey 

We offer value to our partners that goes well beyond discounts, including dedicated resources and support across:

  • Sales enablement
  • Marketing support
  • General technical support
  • Dedicated SASBOSS™ (SaaS platform) support

“We help MSP’s make profitable revenue from Voice without putting a pile of stress on their help desk, and we do that while making their customers stickier and happier.” Peter Eldon, Sales and Marketing Director at Access4

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